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Happy Waves Hawke's Bay Youth Podcast

Kia ora and welcome to The Happy Waves Youth podcast.
We're a group of young people who love Hawke's Bay and want to share all the good things happening here.
We're all about making a positive change in our community. We share stories about unsung heroes and champions who are doing great things.
Join us each week to celebrate the bright side of life on our Spotify channel. Stay Happy Hawke's Bay.

Hastings Youth
"Shout Out" Awards

We want to celebrate young people doing great things in our community. If you know someone aged 12-24 who is making a difference, whether it's looking after family, supporting others, volunteering, or simply being an inspiration, nominate them today! (We'll feature them on our social media and podcast, so make sure they are happy for us to share their story) 
Then, each month, our team will choose the most deserving person and send them a Happy Bay News Award as a thank you for being awesome.
Nominate by email using the form below.

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Thanks for your nomination, follow us on insta and our podcast on Spotify to hear more . We will be in touch again soon.


We're looking for young people aged 14-18 to join our team. We need help with designing graphics, taking photos, making films, or writing poems and stories. Or maybe you have other cool ideas for our podcast? We've got all the gear and know-how, so just bring your energy ! Reach out using  the form below.

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The Happy Bay news is a local youth led project, with content contributed to by Hawke's Bay and CHB youth.
We seek out stories in our community of people that are doing good stuff, often without even knowing it !
Our team interview them, grab a few photos and it then goes to print in our own newspaper, circulated into the community, now into it's 3rd seasonal edition.

Each of our team gain skill around media, but also in multiple other ways as they connect with the community around them, working as a team and gaining tons of confidence to help them in their future careers.

We are proudly supported by our local Councils and funders to get the Happy Bay News out into our community.

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Pictured :
Dewald Botha from Resource, photographed by
Ed Roberts

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Community stories, change makers doing 'good in our hood'

Pictured: Hollie Hales Whitaker, Send a Little Smile
Image by Mia Sutherland

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