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Changing the world one bike ride at a time

Photos by Mia Sutherland

Meet Dawn the cycle pilot and Enid her triobike passenger. While it may sound like a plane ride somewhere it’s a lot simpler than that, and is all to do with a Napier based organisation that has brought the trio bikes here for our community to enjoy.
That organisation is the Napier registered charity - Cycling Without Age Napier Trust of the global based organisation called Cycling without Age.

Created in 2012 in Copenhagen, Napier is one of more than 3000 chapters as they are known, in 39 countries ( with 20 more coming on board) worldwide that brings the simple enjoyment of a bike ride to its senior community.
But wait, it's much more than a bike ride.

As Enid ( pictured here with Dawn) says she loves to see people and to stop along the way and have a chat with them. “ It’s lovely to get out, and it’s wonderful to enjoy the sunshine and also have an outing with Dawn. Now enjoying their third outing together, Dawn collects Enid from her residence and off they go, usually for an hour out and about, stopping along the way to enjoy the park while sticking to the pathways as they cycle along together.

Can a triobike ride change the world ?
We think so. Add in the health and wellness of being out in the open air, with the sun on your face, a kind pilot like Dawn to chat to, people who smile when they see you coming toward them and want to stop to chat, there are tons of benefits for both the passenger and the pilot in a bike ride like this.
For Enid, who always enjoyed being active, her weekly ‘cycle’ outing is something she looks forward to and she always dresses up for the occasion, and likes to “look her best”

With more than 39,000 trained cycle pilots across the globe, pilot Dawn, loves that she can combine her love of cycling with the chance to help our seniors get out into the environment and enjoy the community around them.

We couldn't help but notice how happy they both were, enjoying the day and chatting as they headed back off on their journey together.

To find out more about Cycling without Age, Napier Contact Alan : Cycling Without Age Napier Trust 0274 302 702