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Not your everyday Sausage Roller

Photos and words by  Mia Sutherland

Are you a new or experienced sausage dog owner? And have you heard of The Hawkes Bay Sausage

Rollers? They may be just the bunch for you and your furry friend!

The Hawkes Bay Sausage Rollers are a group of happy Dachshund dog-owners. They meet once a

month to go on lengthy walks around Park Island and Pakowhai Dog Park, alternating locations each

month. Over five + years, The Hawkes Bay Sausage Rollers have accumulated 200 members, most

members owning more than one Dachshund. Thankfully not everyone shows up to the monthly

walks! Can you imagine the chaos? The largest gathering that the Sausage Rollers has recorded was


We met Scooter, an experienced Sausage Roller of standard size, who makes a 10-kilometre walk

seem easy for a small dog. Alongside her pals, Miss Daisy, Mac (Macaroni), and Teddy, Scooter leads

the way at a pace, leaving her owners behind to their conversations. Don’t be fooled by their size,

Dachshunds are spritely little creatures who are often described as the perfect pet. They’re a

combination between a dog and a cat says Megan, the coordinator of gatherings, small and super


If you’re interested in tagging along for a monthly walk or you want to fall down the rabbit hole of

cute Dachsund pictures, check out The Hawkes Bay Sausage Rollers Facebook page