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Changing your stars - Tim Clayton

Story by Tobey Hughes
Tim Claytons story is one we can all find inspiration from.
Today he is a paralympic skier with the goal of representing NZ at the world games in Italy 2025.
Growing up 10 minutes away from Turangi Mt Ruapehu become a second home for Tim as he started skiing at the age of 5. Now he’s been skiing for 25 years and been to Nationals twice. But Tim had hardships like the rest of us to get here. Highschool was a hard point in Tims life as he was severely bullied. But Tim says he splits his life in two. Pre Highschool and post high school. Which I find quite cool! Tim found his dream 21 years ago and he’s never looked back on it.
Tim message is for us all to work hard, no one becomes great overnight. It’s the 25 years of practise that got him here today.
Its about how much work you’re willing to put in that will determine your stars.
Tim changed his stars to suit his dream through hard work and determination.