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Dawn Bedingfield- Super Gran and Community Advocate

Dawn Bedingfield- Super Gran and Community Advocate

Napier Nan local Dawn Bedingfield may seem a fairly quiet person should you meet her during the day, often helping out with her 12 grandchildren but when community calls, Dawn will be the first to respond, especially if it is around helping the needs of others.

When there was talk of many Napier senior housing residents struggling to understand the possible change to their living situation, Dawn jumped in, placard and all, taking the challenge on, ensuring those possibly affected by potential change had a voice.
Dawn says “I felt the need to get involved as many were suffering health problems and trying to cope with the thought that they could lose their home. It's a dreadful situation to be in when older and income is limited to be threatened with losing the roof over your head”

Dawn was instrumental in raising the voice of those most vulnerable to new heights. Having her family join her as well as her young grandson at only 2 years old, helped the cause, carrying a sign the full length of the street. “I have always had my family's support, and I believe it has given them a sense to stand up for those less fortunate than themselves” Dawn says.

While the outcome was a positive one for these Napier residents, Dawn believes the community could be improved by valuing our seniors, particularly those struggling who may not have the same opportunities available to them as others or may not own their own home. Unfortunately, this is a rising statistic across the country as rents rise and costs become unaffordable for man of our seniors. 

Dawn has helped see her beloved city a place for everyone to live and enjoy and that those who need it most are treated with respect.

This Gran is a goer, and we know that when there is a need, Dawn, with her family alongside will be the first to take a stand for her community.