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"Grease" School Performance Review

By Tyler Heesterman

Just recently I was asked if I’d have the absolute honor of getting a free ticket to see Lindisfarne and Iona’s stellar production of the classic musical Grease on their opening night. I couldn’t say no to that! Once we were all settled into our seats and the show began, I couldn't help but be blown away by the unbeatable energy that Lindisfarne and Iona, working as one superb cast, brought to the stage. Right from the offset, a few things stood out to me - the costumes, the set and the props were all perfectly eyecatching, without distracting from all the actors giving their absolute heart and soul.

Tackling a show of such fame makes everything much harder, and unlike the movie version, Lindisfarne and Iona are not, to my knowledge, graced with the luxury of very many natural American accents. They all overcame this very well however, with only a few lines being lost to the mumblings of an accent over a microphone. My few critiques are merely that, plus lighting which at times was distracting, but for the most part was beautiful.

The rest of the show ran like a treat, and although the sold-out audience meant I didn't have a hope of securing a snack at half time, I very much enjoyed myself. The acting, especially in the second act, when allowed more time to really shine, was brilliant, and I was left genuinely stunned by a rendition of “Hopelessly Devoted to You”, that I would have happily paid big bucks to go see. Danny’s solo, “Sandy” was effortlessly great and I very much enjoyed “Beauty School Dropout” too. I couldn’t help but love Vince Fontaine’s entertaining interjections, the saxophone solo was impressive, and to round it all off, was a brilliant “We Go Together - Reprise”. Which for whatever reason, Sandy had to power through with only one heel on - although she managed this incredibly well (and I’m sure most people did not even notice!)

Overall, it was a very fun Thursday night outing, and I am certain, that with the luxury of a fresh looking programme, very friendly ushers, and (if you’re quick enough) snacks, the audiences of all five sold-out shows will have loved their little visit to Rydell High as much as I did.