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"Heathers" Review

"A rollercoaster of emotions, with outstanding performances"

Theatre Hawke's Bay's production of "Heathers: The Musical'' is an exciting and dynamic adaptation of the cult classic film and musical. This production balances the dark themes of teen angst, bullying, and social hierarchy with sharp wit and catchy musical numbers, making for an engaging and interesting experience. I got to go to the opening night on the 6th of June, and you could feel the energy and excitement from the crowd the entire time. The story set in the '80s at Westerburg High takes you through the life of Veronica Sawyer as she navigates the treacherous waters of high school cliques and a dangerous love interest. 

Let's talk about the leads. I love that you can tell the actors really studied their characters. Veronica, played by Hayley Munro, is a powerhouse. Her voice is incredible, and she perfectly captures Veronica's journey from a reluctant follower to a strong, independent young woman. And JD, portrayed by Sam Draper, is chillingly charming. He brings just the right mix of allure and menace to the role, making you both empathise with him and fear him. They both portray such a charming but also unsettling chemistry that drives the whole show. Their singing is on point, you can really feel the emotion and energy in their voices, especially during songs like “Seventeen” and “Our Love is God.”

The Heathers – Heather Chandler (played by Jasmine Macdonald), Heather Duke (played by Kayleigh Purvis), and Heather McNamara (played by Teish Heywood) – are every bit as fierce and fabulous as you'd hope. Their performances are sharp and sassy, each actress adding her own unique flair to these iconic characters. I thought Jasmine Macdonald absolutely nailed Heather Chandler's speaking and singing voice, she sounded so true to the character.

The ensemble scenes are electric, with dynamic choreography, harmonies that blend beautifully, and so much energy! Iconic numbers like "Candy Store" and "Dead Girl Walking" were absolute showstoppers, leaving the audience buzzing with excitement.

The set and costumes really take you back to the 80s high school scene, with tons of little details that make everything pop. The lighting effects really showed the mood shifts between the funny and more serious and emotional moments, and the way they portrayed action and energy with the lighting was super cool to watch.

All in all, Theatre Hawkes Bay's "Heathers: The Musical" is a must see production. It's a rollercoaster of emotions, with outstanding performances and amazing production quality that make it a show you won't forget. I highly recommend catching this show, you won't be disappointed!