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Kristyl Neho - Drama Queen

Words Lena Ormsby Images Lena Orsmby / Tyler Heesterman

"We live in a time where our lives are influenced by media posts. We justify our actions by aligning them with current trends, only to short-live the satisfaction of being ‘socially acceptable’. All of which can occur at the expense of our confidence, self-worth, and identity" 

Kristyl Neho is a beloved person of our community that has dedicated her life’s work to helping our tamariki and rangatahi, overcome the struggles of navigating their way through our modern society. She teaches and values the importance of discovering our talents and reaching our full potential through the performing arts.

Maia Dreams is a foundation made by Kristyl, that instil confidence amongst our tamariki. Through drama, our young ones are able to express themselves in creative ways a classroom doesn’t always allow.

Born in a family passionate about the arts, Kristyl draws her inspiration for her work from her grandfather, “an amazing human”. We thank him for raising an inspiration that encouraged her to grow and share her talents, “the more you grow your talents, the more you grow as a human” and the more you grow as a human, “the more you learn and connect with people”.
Through her grandfather’s example Kristyl learned the value of service, and always being willing to help others. This has driven her passion to help our tamariki and rangatahi discover themselves, to build self-esteem and confidence.

You know you love your job when there are, “too many favourite moments to mention”. Kristyl describes the fulfilment her job gives her, by watching the development of young minds and spirits, as they learn to ground themselves amongst loved ones, new experiences, and culture to overcome adversity.
A key principle she instils amongst her students is to have confidence and live without regret. By doing so, you are able to create memories and, in the future, share your stories with your family and future children.
Kristyl's example reminds us of all to live in the moment, meet new people, and share our talents. The inspirational work she does for our tamariki, is likened to planting a seed. Her work does not bring, “immediate responses' '. Like a seed, empowering our youth and teaching young children to have confidence takes time. However, instead of soil and water, aroha and sincerity, is what feeds our inner growth. Kristyl's aroha and sincerity, is what enables her students to flourish and reach their full potential.

In the simplest terms Kristyl is a ray of sunlight.
The seeds of confidence, self-respect and love, she plants in all she meets are nurtured, and able to flourish under her warm sunlight glow.
I encourage you to plant your seed, so it also may flourish.