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Tylers Media Corner

The Super Carlin Brother’s POPCORN CULTURE

  • Podcast
  • Available to watch on YouTube, or listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more.
  • In A Word: Quirky

 Ben and J Carlin, otherwise known as the Super Carlin Brothers on YouTube, host this brilliant podcast, discussing all things nerd. The pair of brothers, Jon and Ben talk about their fandoms, from Harry Potter, Marvel, Pixar and Disney and their film theories for which they are best known on the internet. They converse about their childhood together, their pastimes and social experiences they’ve had. The podcast, or “the pop” as they refer to it, is often times rather random, however that nature makes it perhaps more enjoyable. With brotherly banter and dad jokes, the two self-described “man-children” create a podcast that makes you rethink your favourite movies, consider intriguing phenomenon and laugh out loud. There are many great podcasts out there, but none have caught my attention like this nerdy, insightful and quirky show. You can find it on YouTube to watch, and all places podcasts are found, to listen. Released weekly.

The Repair Shop

  • TV Show
  • Available for free on TVNZ on Demand and TV One at 7:30, Fridays
  • In A Word: WHOLESOME

 Friday nights, 7:30 on TVNZ One, and The Repair Shop never fails to disappoint with its intriguing personal stories and pieces of history. The premise: A group of creators and talented craftspeople take in all sorts of items and heirlooms, each one aged and worse for wear, only to transform them to their original beauty – often better. Each week the rotating cast of repairers learn the fascinating stories behind three pieces before fixing them up using their skills and tools to return them to their former beauty. My favourite aspect of this show is that we then see the joy and absolute delight on the faces of the owners of the repaired heirlooms. Tears flow and faces gob-smacked at the beauty of the repaired items - something utterly incomparable. This show has a charming feel about it, which for history buffs, creators, and any person enamoured by wholesome stories, is perfect. From painting restorers, mechanics, tailors, and leather smiths, many crafts are delved into on this show and many different artefacts are brought back to life. In brilliant fashion that will entertain and intrigue week after week. The Repair Shop can be found on TVNZ on demand at anytime and TVNZ One at 7:30, Friday nights.

In The Heights

  • Movie
  • Available to watch with a Neon subscription
  • In A Word: VIBRANT

From the brilliant mind of Lin Manuel Miranda (Hamilton, Encanto, Tick Tick Boom), comes this 2005 Broadway musical turned movie musical, In the Heights (2021, Dir. Jon M. Chu), following Usnavi, a Bodega (convenience store) owner living in Washington Heights, New York. In the Heights tells the story of his sueñito(Spanish for dream) and the close-knit primarily Hispanic community. This touching story is about kind people driven by a passion for each other and for building a better life. Usnavi dreams of rebuilding his father’s business in the Dominican Republic, but for that he needs support – from Abuela Claudia (Abuela is Spanish for grandmother) and his cousin Sonny (who helps run the Bodega).

My favourite sequence of this brilliant musical, is the opening song. We meet Abuela Claudia (the whole neighbourhood’s matriarch), Sonny (the cousin), and Benny (Usnavi’s best friend). We also meet Kevin Rosario (whose daughter, Nina, we meet later), the salon ladies, and Vanessa (Usnavi’s love interest). This opening number may be my favourite part of the movie, but by no means does it go downhill from here. With songs like ”96,000”,” Blackout” and my other personal favourite, ”Paciencia Y Fe”, the story continues for 2 hours and 23 minutes of fun and heartfelt tunes.

 This story is about love of all kinds, dreams and community. It is vibrant, fun and overall leaves you with a good taste in your mouth. That, I believe, is something that we can’t get enough of in this time. The news media can be so negative, and I think that watching films that make you feel good and positive is important now more than ever. In the Heights does just that. Starring Anthony Ramos, Corey Hawkins, Leslie Grace, In The Heights is available on Neon now.