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Focus on CHB

Words by Chris Proctor

Covid, lockdowns and restrictions have been incredibly tough for so many people, especially when prices at the supermarket are through the roof. One local organisation, however, is making a difference by working hard to support not only those in need, but the environment as well.

Andrea Mooney has been involved with the Food basket Waipukurau for several years, saying that she was part of a large team of volunteers that helped out. The system works by providing people with the opportunity of picking up boxes of food completely free of charge. The Food basket relies on donations, but is part of the wider United Food Network, which coordinates food support throughout the country. There are several collections points at which people can collect their food baskets, mostly in and around areas such as Waipukurau and Waipawa.

The Food basket supports around 300 people and families throughout the Central Hawke’s Bay region, although Andrea says that number could be even higher, adding that the Food basket makes a huge difference in the community and to so many people’s lives. She says that the best thing about working there is seeing the difference that you make, adding that as the process is so simple, there is no shame involved. People turn up form all walks of life and share a laugh and no one looks down on you.

Organisations like this truly are at the heart of a community. By supporting those in need, while backing the environment, huge differences can be made. Together.